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planning your bedroom


Planning your room

When you have decided that you need a room renovating there are some key items that you need to consider. Some of these are:

•How much is your budget for the renovation?
•How long do you intend to stay at the present location?
•Do you have children or planning to start a family? What are their ages? Is there enough sleeping space for everyone?
•Do you have enough storage?
•Do you know your style?
•How many rooms are there? What are their uses?
•List the furniture you currently own. Which do you want to keep and which to discard?
•Have you considered a colour scheme, or do you have a favourite colour?
•Don't forget to think about drainage and plugs as well as access if you are to incorporate a vanity area.

After answering these questions you should have a fairly clear picture of what you are working with or without. Use this space planning guide to help you establish your living style and plan before moving on for more tips on creating your space organization.

Your Wentworth Bedroom Studios Designer will plan your room having carefully listened to your likes dislikes and requirements  

1) Decide who's going to use the room and their activities.

2) Placing the bed can be the main hurdle when planning the layout of bedroom furniture and a number of issues will influence its choice of spot. Personal taste or feng shui may influence where the bed is placed in relation to the door

3) Creating a room plan can help you decide where to place your bedroom furniture.

4) Must a computer work station be kept in the bedroom? Many sleep therapists suggest the presence of a computer in
   bedroom can lead to disturbed nights.

5) Do you want  built in bedroom or free standing.

6) It is very important that access is concidered carfuly - a double bed may require access for two occupants, so it
   shouldn't be placed in a corner. Bunk beds need  clearance space for safety and access to the upper bunk. Bear in
   mind that the bed should not be placed within the arc of opening wardrobe doors or drawers.

7)  Dressing the bed is as important as placing the furniture. Your linen doesn't have to match other fabrics in the room,
    but attention to colour and textures is a must it will help give the room a sense of style. Layering the bed with folded
    throws and scatter cushions creates a cosy and welcoming environment when not in use.

8) Storage- Do all your clothes have to be stored in the bedroom? Clothes that are worn less frequently could be stored

9) Is  a bathroom vanity unit required. 

10) Lighting and Wellbeing - Good lighting and flooring are vital in a bedroom to create atmosphere and add to  your comfort and relaxation, A crowded  bedroom room looks untidy and is difficult to relax in

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